There are many reasons why people cannot take care their pets anymore. Life changes like divorce, death, or illness are common reasons.


 If you need to find a new home for your pet for whatever reason, we would be happy to speak with you about surrendering you cat or dog to our rescue.

To surrender your pet, please call Southwest Metro Animal Rescue at 952-368-PAWS (7297) and leave a message on Line #1 for dogs or Line #2 for cats. A member of our cat or dog team will call you back within a few days to discuss your surrender.

There are several steps to the surrender and intake process. We will determine if your pet is a good candidate to be fostered through our organization. We do not take in aggressive animals with a history of biting.

If it looks like a good match between your pet and our rescue, we will next do our best to find a foster home for your pet. We do not bring in any pets if we cannot find foster care for them. We want them well cared for with a loving foster home before they find their new forever home!

Once everything is set up for surrender, the cat or dog coordinator will contact you and will arrange a date and time for you to drop off your pet. Often, the drop off will take place at a local veterinary clinic. Please consider donating any supplies for your pet because your cat or dog will adapt to a new foster home much better with your pet's personal items.

We request a donation be made with every surrender. Every pet we intake gets a full veterinary checkup and many of our animals require medication when they enter our rescue. Your donation will help us offset the cost of medical care and supplies for your pet!