Usually by the time animals reach Southwest Metro Animal Rescue, they are faced with one last chance to find a home.


If you would like to learn more about the pets available for adoption, call 952-368-PAWS (7297), and a representative will call you with more information. Our Pet Adoption Days are held the second Saturday of each month at PetSmart in Eden Prairie from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. PetSmart is located at 11200 Prairie Lakes Drive, Eden Prairie MN 55346.

The rewards of adoption are many! You can watch these animals transform from being lonely and unwanted into wonderful loving homes like yours.




1) Although every animal admitted to Southwest Metro Animal Rescue and Adoption Society (SMARAS) has been provided with a wellness exam by a veterinary clinic prior to adoption, we cannot guarantee the health of every animal, nor can we be held responsible for their behavior after adoption. 2) SMARAS provides a Medical Form for each pet adopted from our society listing all of the medical care the pet has received. Refer to this form for explanation of any and all medical treatments. Adopters are required to continue with ongoing veterinarian care for the life of the pet. 3) SMARAS offers a free wellness exam by a licensed veterinarian for every animal adopted within seven (7) days of adoption. A list of participating veterinarians will be provided. 4) When adopting a pet from SMARAS, you are agreeing to be responsible for any and all medical expenses for the adopted pet. 5) If you need to return the pet for health reasons, and you desire an exchange certificate, you may do so within ten (10) days from adoption, if the wellness exam is done within seven (7) days of adoption. An exchange certificate is applicable towards the exchange of an animal of equal or lesser value pending consultation with a SMARAS Representative to determine if the exchange pet is appropriate for the new home. We understand it may take time to find the appropriate pet for the household; therefore, exchange certificates will be valid for up to one (1) year from date of adoption. 6) To be eligible for an Exchange Certificate, you must provide SMARAS with the adopter’s copy of the Adoption Agreement/ Contract and valid picture identification. Only one Exchange Certificate can be issued per family. 7) No exchange certificate will be issued for reasons that should have been considered before making the decision to adopt a pet such as (but not limited to): Allergies, existing or developed Not wanted by spouse and/or children, etc. Not enough time for pet Digs holes in yard Not Housebroken Too playful for people and/or other pets Moving, can’t keep Sheds too much in house Scratches the furniture Barks too much The above listed reasons, as well as similar behaviors and situations, should be considered prior to adopting an animal. If you are not prepared to handle behavior issues that may arise, it is in your best interest (and the animals) to postpone adoption at this time. Should you decide to postpone the adoption at this time, or take some time to reconsider, SMARAS understands your decision and appreciates your honesty. 8) If for any reason you are unable to keep the pet, health reasons or otherwise, adopter is required to contact SMARAS for the prompt return of the animal without making any charges of any kind for any liabilities. This policy is required for the life of the adopted pet. THERE IS NEVER A REFUND OF MONEY YOUR SIGNATURE ON THIS APPLICATION INDICATES THAT YOU HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY AND THAT YOU AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE POLICIES.